Design has the ability to either draw customers into a space or turn them away. Therefore, it is an element of business that cannot be overlooked. At Dreampods Group, we have a highly passionate team who love what they do. We realise that no two projects are the same and we are excited to get started in helping you to achieve your every design goal.

Dreampods Group specialises in creating innovative interiors for hospitality, retail, corporate and health spaces.

The foundation and success of our company can be attributed to the expertise of the people who have been, and continue to be, involved within the business.

Each of our commercial interior designers have a unique offering to bring to the table, ensuring that all aspects of the design process are covered. It goes without saying that this success is also influenced by our clients and external partners who, through their various insights, constantly force us to expand and improve.

As commercial interior designers, we are captivated by the work we do. We are in love with the design process and have a passion for creating ideas outside of the box. As the name suggests, we dream big, conjuring up uninhibited dream spaces, before turning them into concrete reality.

As a service provider, our aim is to create a positive work environment. We strive to provide a service where our clients feel comfortable and assured that our designers will do everything in their power to create an ever-lasting space that speaks to their needs.

Let’s innovate together.

Together, we will create a bespoke design that caters to your business, space requirements and branding identity, all in accordance with Australian compliance.

At Dreampods Group, we understand the importance behind successful branding. Your brand is your business identity, and it is crucial that it resonates with your target audience. As skilled designers, we create a space that complements your branding goals.

As contributors to society, we are focussed on sustainability and putting the environment at the forefront of our minds. This can be seen through the various considerations we make when designing your space, and the use of natural energy solutions.

As mentors/leaders in the design industry, we aspire to create opportunities and promote growth for our designers.


There is no dream that is too big for us.

Savitri Gandakusumah

Principal Founder & Head Designer

Savitri is the Principal Founder and Director of Dreampods Group. Savitri holds a Postgraduate in Construction management and interior design specialising in comfort design. She has more than 15 years of local and international experiences in developing design and documentation for commercial space across hospitality, health, office and retail sectors. Savitri is also an Interior Design educator in Vocational and Higher-Education.

Dominic Gouw

Associate Director

Dom is the Co-Founder and Director of Dreampods Group. Everything Dom does, he believes in challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box. He takes pride in helping clients stand out from the rest of the competition. He does this by understanding the client’s brand, keeping up to date on latest trends and always being on the lookout for new innovative ideas. 

Brooke Ebeling

Interior Designer

Brooke is our talented creative design consultant. Her passion is turning your ideas into reality. Passionate about the latest commercial and residential trends, Brooke ensures your space is stylish, functional and comer together seamlessly. Finalising projects with style and finesse is a signature of Brooke’s work.

Bruna da Rosa

Interior Designer/ Construction documenter/ Architect

As an Architect back in Brazil, Bruna moved to Sydney to expand her knowledge and skills in Interior Design. She has over eight years of successful experiences in executing both private and public projects. She possess a strong skill in technical construction documentation, can elegantly resolve the flow of space and create detail solutions.

Juan Sebastian Tabares Tabares

Senior Interior Designer / 3D Visualiser

Juan is an experienced designer and 3D render visualiser expert. He creates conceptual scribbles into reality visualisation. He has extensive experiences in Spatial design and specialised in the manipulation of cultural, educational, commercial and ephemeral spaces. One of his previous projects (9 3/4 Bookstore Cafe, Colombia) was selected as Best Project in 2015 by Archilovers.

Kaysan Collins

Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Kaysan is our talented creative branding guru. Graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design, Kaysan’s style of work is unique and one of a kind. She is passionate and eager to showcase her artistic creativity to the world. She prides herself in providing 110% focus ad commitment to the needs and goals of each client and their business identity.

Snoopy Ozerianski

Food Quality Assurance Specialist

Snoopy started his role as security but decided that a foodie specialist is an ideal role. He is passionate about food and a strong believer that food does not fill the stomach but also a key to a good sleep/nap.