The Dream Team- interior designers & Graphic Designers

Dominic Gouw


 Dom is Co-Founder and Associate Director for Dreampods group.  Everything Dom does, he believes in challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box.  He takes pride in helping clients stand out from the rest of the competition. He does this by understanding the clients brand, keeping up to date on latest trends and always being on the lookout for new innovative ideas. Dom is also passionate about contributing towards the future of the design industry. His mission is to develop a simple bespoke design process to bring the clients design ideas to life.

Savitri Gandakusumah

Interior Designer

Savitri is the Principal Founder and Head Project Designer of Dreampods Group. Savitri holds a Master Degree in design specialising in comfort interiors. She has more than 15 years of local and international experiences in developing design and documentation for commercial offices, retailers and hospitality interiors. 

In addition, Savitri is also an Interior Design educator in Vocational and Higher-Education. She is currently a design lecturer for UNSW Global and an online trainer with Interior Design Institute. 


Member of Design Institute of Australia

Kaysan Collins


Kaysan is our talented creative branding guru. Graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design, Kaysan's style of work is unique and one of a kind. She is passionate and eager to showcase her artistic creativity to the world. She prides herself in providing 110% focus ad commitment to the needs and goals of each client and their business identity.