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Gold Coast’s sub-tropical weather, stunning sandy beaches and lush hinterland makes it one of Australia’s most sought after holiday destination. A city with so much entertainment to offer from amazing theme parks to exquisite culinary experience. It is not surprising the cities economic growth is driven largely from its tourism sector. Gold Coast is becoming the hub for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, making it desirable for many businesses.


Hospitality Interior Design

We shape your area around your consumers' views and provide them with an experience they will remember. Our hospitality interior design services are intended to generate a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, which shows your company's distinct brand identity.

Retail Interior Design

We know what it takes to be a success in retail, and we design accordingly, increasing foot traffic and revenue. Our interior design services for enterprises focus on creating an inviting and engaging atmosphere that is both aesthetically beautiful as well as efficient.

Healthcare Interior Design

When developing our cutting-edge interior design for healthcare space, we consider the health, comfort, and well-being of patients, employees, and visitors. Our healthcare interior design solutions revolve around the creation of a therapeutic atmosphere that meets Australian design health standards for functional and pleasant living.

Office Interior Design

We want to connect employees and spark innovation by creating a pleasant and inspiring working atmosphere that reflects your company's culture and values.

Dreampods Group is a leading provider of commercial interior design solutions. We are passionate about creating remarkable and sustainable spaces that help businesses thrive. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, and we use our expertise to deliver tailored solutions that exceed their expectations.

As your commercial interior designer, we approach each individual project with a comprehensive design solution, integrating your brand identity, company goals and specific needs into the full design planning and development process. This ensures that your business area is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has a more personal link with your end consumers.

Designing for Gold Coast

Our commercial interior design team has a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses experience in the Gold Coast. We will assist you throughout the design process to ensure that every areas of the business meets all local, state, and federal requirements and standards.

We consider local weather and climatic conditions while designing, as well as NCC building code requirements and Australian standards. Gold Coast is classified as Zone 5 (warm temperate). This means we would focus around creating a cool and pleasant environment for your workplace.

When designing a commercial place on Gold Coast, application of materials, selection of furnitures and finishes should all taken into consideration. We also analyse the amount of natural light in each space and how it may be utilised to generate the required ambience and surroundings for the customer.

Whether you need a completely fresh design for a new build or a renovation of your current office, retail, hospitality or healthcare business, Dreampods Group is here to help you. We provide a comprehensive range of commercial interior design services to businesses on Gold Coast, from small retail premises to major office buildings. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements.

Our Commercial Interior Design Services in Gold Coast

Dreampods Group has established a track record of creating high-quality, efficient, and long-lasting commercial spaces on the Gold Coast.

Here is a look at some of the services we offer:


Assist you in navigating the often-complicated realm of local, state, and federal standards and regulations, ensuring that your commercial area meets all requirements.

Client & Project Briefing

Engaging with you to develop a clear understanding of your business goals, company identity, and the needs of your end-users. This forms the basis of our design process.

Conceptual 2D & 3D Visualisation

Create beautiful 2D & 3D representations of your planned commercial space using the most up-to-date software, so you can visualise what we see.

Construction Drawings & Documentation

Prepare detailed construction blueprints and documentation to ensure a smooth construction process and avoid any costly delays.

Joinery detailing

We will design and develop bespoke joinery specifications for your commercial space, from retail display units, booth seatings to bar counters.

Materials, Finishes, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE) Schedule

Provide a detailed schedule of all materials, finishes, furniture packages, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) to be used in your space.

Our Gold Coast Projects

We cater to all commercial interior design needs in Gold Coast. Take a look at our recent commercial design project below.

We bring sustainable solutions to our clients by thinking beyond the traditional design process.


Dreampods Group is dedicated to making a more sustainable future for future generations by using only eco-friendly materials in all of our projects. We are always on the lookout for innovative approaches to include sustainable materials in our designs.

Carbon Footprint & LCA – Life Cycle Analysis

All of the materials we use are carefully considered for their potential impact on the environment and their possible lifespan as an essential part of our commitment to eco-friendly, timeless design. 

Design Thinking

We take a human-centered approach to design, which means that we put people at the center of the design process. This allows us to create commercial spaces that perfectly reflect your brand and culture while also being practical and efficient.

Design for Value

We design for practicality as well as aesthetics and sustainability. This means that we factor in not just the initial costs of a project but also any ongoing maintenance or eventual disposal fees.

Design for Disassembly

With careful planning, our designs can be easily disassembled and recycled at the end of their lifespan. This allows for a further reduction in the negative environmental impact of our commercial projects.

Bio-mimicry in Design

Our natural world is the ultimate example of eco-friendly architecture because of how it has evolved over millions of years. Therefore, we invest our time to learn from the natural world and apply its rules to the designs we create.

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No matter what kind of business you have, our best interior designers can create a design that is perfect for your business. From hair and beauty salons to restaurants, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your commercial interiors look stunning and work perfectly for your needs.

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