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Ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world time and time again, Melbourne is home to coffee lovers, colourful graffitied laneways and thriving art scene. This eclectic dynamic metropolis city has become Australia’s centre of contemporary design. A city with rich infrastructure and cultural diversity, it is not surprising that Melbourne has stayed at the forefront of business creativity and innovation.


Hospitality Interior Design

We build your space around your customers' perspectives and provide them with an experience they will remember. Our hospitality interior design services are designed to produce a cosy and inviting atmosphere that projects your company's distinct personality.

Retail Interior Design

We know what it takes to succeed in retail and design accordingly, improving foot traffic and sales. Our interior design services for businesses focus on creating an inviting and engaging environment that is both visually appealing, functional, and profitable.

Healthcare Interior Design

We consider the health, comfort, and well-being of patients, employees, and visitors when developing our innovative solutions. Our healthcare interior design services prioritise the creation of a healing environment that meets Australian design health standards for functional and comfortable living.

Office Interior Design

We aim to connect staff and ignite innovation by establishing an attractive and effective working environment that reflects your company's culture and principles.

Dreampods Group is your perfect solution for all your commercial interior design needs, from new construction to remodels and restorations. We are a group of enthusiastic commercial interior designers in Melbourne who have worked on a variety of business projects ranging from hospitality, retail, office and healthcare.

As the leading commercial interior designer in Melbourne, we take a holistic approach to cutting-edge design, incorporating your brand identity and business objectives into the full interior design planning and development. This ensures that your business space is not only captivating but also connects with your end users on a more personal level.

Designing for Melbourne

Our innovative interior design team in Melbourne has comprehensive knowledge of the issues that businesses face. We can assist you throughout the design process to ensure that your business area is up to date with all local, state and federal standards and regulations.

We take local weather and climatic conditions into account when designing, as well as NCC building code requirements and Australian standards. Melbourne is classified as Zone 7 (cool temperate) so we focus on designing interiors by leveraging the cool climate to create comfortable and inviting work environments while maintaining energy- and water-efficient space.

While each project is unique, it is essential to consider the climate, application of materials, and furnishing when designing a commercial space in Melbourne. The city experiences hot summers and cool winters, so we take this into account when selecting materials, finishes, and furniture. We also measure the amount of natural light in each space and how this can be used to create the desired atmosphere and environment for the client.

Whether you are looking for a completely innovative design and build solution or a refresh of your current space, our team of commercial interior designers in Melbourne can deliver. We offer a complete range of commercial interior design services to businesses in Melbourne, from small retail spaces to large office buildings. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

Our Commercial Interior Design Services in Melbourne

Our team of commercial interior designers has an established track record of developing quality, practical and long-lasting business spaces in Melbourne.

Here is a look at some of the services we offer:


Ensure that your commercial space meets all necessary regulations and standards, including local, state, and federal.

Client & Project Briefing

This includes collaboration with you to understand your company goals and objectives as well as your specific commercial interior design requirements.

Conceptual 2D & 3D Visualisation

Use the most up-to-date software to create stunning representations of your planned area, so you have an idea of what we see.

Construction Drawings & Documentation

Prepare detailed construction drawings and documentation so your builders can turn your dream space into reality.

Joinery detailing

From booth seats to bar counters, we will design and create bespoke joinery specs for your area.

Materials, Finishes, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE) Schedule

Consideration for selecting each component of the FFE schedule for your commercial space, from flooring and wall coverings to furniture and lighting fixtures.

Our Melbourne Projects

We cater to all commercial interior design needs in Melbourne. Take a look at our recent commercial design project below.

We bring sustainable solutions to our clients by thinking beyond the traditional design process.


Dreampods Group is dedicated to passive design and the use of sustainable materials in all of its projects in order to create a more environmentally friendly future for coming generations.

Carbon Footprint & LCA – Life Cycle Analysis

As a business, we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and minimising our environmental impact. To this end, we always strive to use materials and products with a low carbon footprint and life cycle analysis.

Design Thinking

Our design process is heavily influenced by the principles of design thinking, which is a human-centered approach to problem-solving. This means that we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and their customers to really understand their needs and goals.

Design for Value

We design for value in addition to creating stunning, sustainable designs. That is to say, we factor in not just the initial investment but also the costs of operation, maintenance, and eventual disposal when calculating the total cost of a project.

Design for Disassembly

Whenever possible, we incorporate disassembly into our designs to prepare for their eventual "end of life." For this purpose, we prioritise sourcing materials and goods that can be easily disassembled for subsequent recycling or repurposing.

Bio-mimicry in Design

By studying the way that nature has solved various problems, we can come up with more sustainable and effective solutions to the challenges faced by contemporary designers.

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With our team of talented interior designers, we take great delight in creating beautiful spaces. We deal with a diverse range of enterprises, from little restaurants to multinational corporations. So for all of your commercial interior design needs in Melbourne, Dreampods Group is here to assist you.

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