Restaurant And Cafe Interior Design Sydney

Restaurant And Cafe Interior Design Sydney

Sydney’s food and coffee culture is renowned the world over, and with good reason. No matter where you go in the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a great cup of coffee or a place to dine out. From humble cafes and eclectic independent coffee houses to world-class fine dining restaurants, there’s something to suit every taste.

However, it’s not just about the food or the coffee itself – it’s also about the experience. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely meal or catching up with friends, taking a moment to savour a delicious cup of coffee or trying out an exciting new food trend is one of the joys of life in Sydney.

As leading restaurant and cafe interior designers in Sydney, Dreampods Group offers a comprehensive design service to restaurant and cafe owners who want to create the perfect environment for their customers. Whether you are looking for a new space or want to renovate your current restaurant or cafe, our team of experienced designers can customise a bespoke design for your restaurant or café that connects with your ideal customers.

Restaurant And Cafe Design Considerations

Designing a restaurant or cafe is a complex process that takes into account the many different elements that make up the space, from the layout and flow of the room to the materials used in the furnishings and fittings.

Below are some of the key considerations we take into account when designing a restaurant and cafe space:

Building Codes

We ensure your restaurant and cafe complies with all the relevant building codes, standards and regulations. This includes ensuring your space is accessible for people with disabilities and meets all safety protocols.


We set realistic budgets for all our projects, and we work with you to find cost-effective solutions that will not compromise on quality or style.


From choosing the right furniture and fixtures to selecting the perfect colour scheme and material combination, we pay close attention to the aesthetics of your restaurant and cafe.


We always consider the flow of traffic when designing a restaurant and cafe space. We want to make sure that your customers can move around easily, and that there are no bottlenecks that could cause congestion.


Every inch of your restaurant and cafe space should be utilised effectively. We work with you to create an efficient layout that maximises the use of your space.

Spatial Strategies

We are mindful of the need for social distancing and other spatial strategies that can help to keep your customers safe, ensuring that your space adheres to new government guidelines.

Recent Sydney Restaurant And Cafe Design Projects

We cater to all restaurant and cafe interior design needs in Sydney. Take a look at our recent restaurant and cafe design projects below.

Restaurant & Cafe Design Elements

At Dreampods Group, we understand that every cafe and restaurant is different. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can create a customised design for your space.

Some of the key design elements we focus on include:

Entrance & Waiting Area

The size of the waiting area and the location of the entrance can have a big impact on the flow of traffic in your restaurant and cafe. We want your ideal customers to feel welcome as soon as they walk in, so we carefully consider the entrance and waiting area when designing your space.

Dining Area

The seating layout sets the stage for the guest experience and can help to create a unique atmosphere that complements the food and drink offerings. A well-designed dining area should be comfortable and inviting, with ample seating and a variety of table sizes to accommodate different group sizes.

Payment Station & POS System

We make sure that the payment station is positioned in a way that optimises efficiency and minimises customer wait times. A handheld POS system can also help to streamline the ordering process without compromising the quality of service.

Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant and cafe, so we make sure that it is designed for maximum efficiency. We consider the workflow, equipment needs, and storage requirements when designing your restaurant and cafe kitchen.


Restroom design can have a significant impact on a restaurant and cafe's overall atmosphere. Customers need clean, well-lit, and easily accessible restrooms that are located near the dining area.


For restaurants and cafes that sell retail products, we carefully consider the display fixtures and storage solutions to create an inviting shopping experience for customers.


Some of the best restaurant and cafe experiences are the outdoor area. It can help to create a sense of community. There is nothing quite like enjoying a cup of coffee or a well crafted meal while taking in the sights and sounds of the city under the natural light.

Our Restaurant And Cafe Design Services In Sydney

For over 5 years in the hospitality industry, Dreampods Group has been designing some of the most iconic cafes in Sydney’s CBD. From coffee houses to hospitality franchises, our team has the experience and expertise to design a space that attracts attention and drives sales.

Here is a look at some of the services we offer:


We can assist you in navigating the often-complicated world of local, state, and federal building codes and standards, ensuring that your area is in full compliance with all necessary criteria.

Client & Project Briefing

We collaborate with you to understand your ideal vision for your commercial space interiors and what you want to accomplish. We also consider your budget, timetable, and any other pertinent aspects while generating a project brief.

Conceptual 2D & 3D Visualisation

Once we have a clear picture of your goals, we will begin developing ideas for the space. We use the most up-to-date 3D modelling software to produce realistic visuals of the area, allowing you to get a better idea of how the finished design will appear.

Construction Drawings & Documentation

We then create comprehensive building blueprints and documentation that your builder or contractor may utilise when constructing the room. This will guarantee that the area is built to our exacting standards.

Joinery Detailing

As part of our design service, we also provide detailed joinery drawings that specify every element of the custom-built fixtures and furniture in your space. This will ensure that your vision is carried out flawlessly.

Materials, Finishes, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE) Schedule

We provide you with a schedule of all the materials, finishes, furniture, fixtures, and equipment that will be used in the space. This will help you keep track of the budget and ensure that everything is accounted for.

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