Dreampods Group specialises in creating beautiful interiors for commercial businesses across hospitality, retail, office and health sectors. Our team is based in Australia but we work on projects across the globe.



Café · Restaurants · Bars · Hotels · Motels & Resorts · Pubs & Clubs · Bars · Bakeries & Patisseries


Clothing/ Fashion · Specialist Retail · Gymnasium · Hair & Beauty Salons


Medical/ Allied Health · Dentist · Optometrist · Aged Care & Retirement · Specialist Health Clinics · Chemist


Professional & Corporate options available for all office spaces

Why Interior Design Matters?

So, we all know that when it comes to creating a space, design is an element that needs to be highly focussed upon. But just what can successful interior design do for your company? For starters, well considered design improves functionality. Our team are trained in ensuring that each space created serves optimum functionality. We design spaces where elements work in unison with one another. This makes your end design both user friendly and highly practical.

Interior design draws customers into your space. Our dedicated design team know how to make any space special. From colour schemes to making the final finishing touches, we know how to create a design that fits with your brand.

Commercial Interior Design & Documentation

Our design services includes conceptual design, 3D visualisation, construction drawings, technical joinery, FFE schedules, and drawings for DA and CDC submission.


The first step to project success is to define and detail the nature and extent of work required and identify the objective and constraints of the project.


Schedule a systematic site measure and assessment, economic feasibility assessment, Governmental constraints assessment and sustainability criteria.

Concept Solution

Formulate initial response to client’s brief and information gathered from the research. An initial layout sketches to satisfy project expectations before rational constraints are applied and a solution locked in.

Design Development

Schematic design and 3D modelling is developed to illustrate the key ideas and innovative aspects of the design solutions.


Once the schematic design is approved by the client, preparation of preliminary plans, elevations and drawings for review and approval submission begins.

Approval Submission

Further revisions (if applicable and subject to T&Cs) to the design and documentation as required by the council development application (DA) or through the Exempt and Complying Development Codes (CDC).

Building Compliances

As a practice member of Design Institute of Australia, we provide commercial interior design services that comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Australian Standards, Food Act 2013 and Australian ICOMOS: Burra charter.

Brand Identity

At Dreampods Group, we understand the importance behind successful branding. Your brand is your business identity, and it is crucial that it resonates with your target audience. As skilled designers, we create a space that complements your branding goals.

Our Networks

Delivering an exceptional end result is important to us, which is why we have collaborated with some of the finest contractors and consultants nationwide. These consultants oversee all aspects of construction, ensuring a final product of the highest quality.

Every project is different, our mission is to work together with your needs and circumstances to transform your dream design into reality.